AXILE Smart Automation Solution

AXILE develops Smart Automation to help manufacturers enhance competitiveness. Since manufacturers today are facing many challenges, for example, intense competition, increased costs and experienced labor shortages. Manufacturers are looking for flexible manufacturing to boost productivity and profit. AXILE offers an automation system that responds to market demands.


AXILE Automation system is a gantry type 5-axis vertical machining center with a pallet change system to increase machine autonomy. It is integrated i4.0 solutions of an intelligent monitoring system. This flexible system allows users to select their preferred pallet receiver to equip with a trunnion table, and it is automated with standard hydraulic and pneumatic ports through the table centre. Considering different needs, AXILE also offers 2-pallet changer for users. This can integrate with 6-pallet pool or 12-pallet FMS System. When working with the FMS System, it can expand to 24 or 36 pallets, 1 to 3 machines and 2 loading stations.


AXILE Automation transfers pallets through the backside, between the gantry shoulders of the machine structure. This allows perfect access and view of the machining process to the operator in front. So that prototype and first trial parts can be supervised. The operator can inspect and reload the pool with new raw parts while the machine is working to avoid idle times. AXILE Automation system supports manufacturers to diminish non-productive time and enhance productivity. 


AXILE Smart Automation is equipped with intelligent monitoring ART™ System to optimize production. With the sensor technology to monitor all the wearing components to carry out the lifetime prediction. The capability of 2-week notice prior to machine failure for a better service arrangement to minimize machine downtime. With all captured machine data accumulation to measure the final machine geometric accuracy to optimize the machine quality. The intelligent monitoring System allows the machine to work 24/7 without unexpected downtime to enhance competitiveness and productivity. AXILE Smart Automation is an ideal investment for manufacturers looking for efficient automation production.

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