AXILE G6 Smart Automation Wins Taiwan Excellence Award 2021

Congratulations to AXILE wins Taiwan Excellence Award 2021. With continuous technological development, AXILE once again has proven its competence in innovation technology.


AXILE G6 Smart Automation receives award by meeting four criteria, R&D, Design, Quality and Marketing. AXILE G6 Smart Automation is integrated with ART™ System to adapt to the Smart Factory production line which can enhance the productivity up to 30% -200%. G6 Smart Automation offers a total solution for smart manufacturing to meet the need of automated markets. It also helps organizations strengths business competitiveness and revenue. G6 Smart Automation is the best applied to the aerospace, high-end die & mold, and medical industries.


The Taiwan Excellence Award is hosted by Ministry of Economic Affairs since 1993. There are 433 products won the Taiwan Excellence Award, and 30 products will compete for the Taiwan Excellence Gold and Silver Award this year. The result will be announced on the 25th of November.


AXILE is proud to once again receive the 2021 Taiwan Excellence Award and become one of the nominees for Gold and Silver Award. As an Industry 4.0 product and service provider, AXILE will keep the direction of innovation and technology.

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