2022 TIMTOS x TMTS- Taipei Machine Tool Mega Show

2022 TIMTOS x TMTS will be held at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center from February 21 to 26;Besides, online exhibition will be held from Feb.21-Mar.21


During the exhibition, in addition to display the 5-axis machining center with high-speed and high-finishing performance that meets the needs of Industry 4.0, the company's patented and developed Industry 4.0 solution - ART™ intelligent monitoring technology will also be displayed on exhibition.


Buffalo Machinery provides users with excellent intelligent machine , which not only has high reliability, but also optimizes productivity, energy efficiency and production control; monitoring the machine through data can effectively improve production efficiency!


Looking forward to your visit !



Physical exhibition Date: Feb. 21 – Feb. 26

Online exhibition Date: Feb.21 – Mar. 21

Booth: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, 1F J0608

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