Visit AXILE at AMB 2022!

AXILE is excited to participate in AMB 2022

At this exhibition, we presents AXILE G6 MT, G6MPC & V5X+Loader, the high-speed 5axis VMC with our intelligent monitoring technology and management
for manufacturers to achieve autonomous production!

★Highlights of products at AMB 2022 :

AXILE G6 MT combines both milling and turning in one machine, greatly increasing operational flexibility. By reducing set-up times and potential clamping errors, the G6 MT can efficiently machine a wider variety of parts, including cylindrical components.


2.G6 MPC6:

AXILE G6 MPC6 Integrated with 6 automatic exchange pallets at the back of the machine for continuously production to optimize productivity. Besides, with ART™ intelligent monitoring system for 24/7 autonomous production without unplanned downtime.



AXILE V5X can be used for dry or wet cutting of small graphite or metal workpieces.

With a rotary table size of 170 mm, the space-saving is ideal for smaller workpieces.

V5X's efficient dust collector vacuum quickly deals with dust and debris in dry cutting;What’s more, it can also be complemented with our proprietary loader system, which offers a maximum capacity of 84 workpieces for automatic machining.


Date: 2022 13,Sep- 17,Sep
Location: Messe Stuttgart - Veraltung
Booth Number: 10C42

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