About Buffalo

Buffalo Machinery, a story of success with a brilliant future

To become a world-leading manufacturer and service provider of digital intelligent machine tools.

To deliver digital management services that leverage advanced monitoring, analysis, and talent cultivation to enhance value for our customers. As a total solution provider, we aim to drive the domestic industry towards digital intelligent manufacturing and services.

Our manufacturing services focus on the aerospace, die & mold, semiconductor, and medical industries, where we can provide the greatest value-added benefits.

Quality and Service Build Our Business

Buffalo Machinery located in Taichung, Taiwan-where is a global machine tool cluster in the industry. The company manufactures high-quality metal working machines and provides excellent customer service.


Moreover, Buffalo Machinery upholds the principle of environmental protection and sustainable development and has become one of the fast-growing machine tool manufacturing companies in Taiwan.


Buffalo Machinery adopts the “Dual Brand Strategy” to distinguish its general products from its high-end products. This strategy aims to strengthen MICROCUT- the comprehensive products and services provider, in order to increase its market share. Meanwhile, the other brand AXILE focuses on providing digitalization solutions guided by digital intelligent automation. AXILE has launched a series of products in line with Industry 4.0 to help manufacturers move towards smart manufacturing.


Promote Sustainable Practices to Reduce Carbon Footprint.
Buffalo has launched its high-end products in 2017, specialized in high-speed milling machines and five-axis machining centers. It also focused on aerospace, die & mold and medical industries through its high reliability and high-precision intelligent machines.


The high-end product line complies with the ISO14955 standard and provides products and services that meet energy-saving guidelines to sustain customers' needs for environmental protection and sustainable development.


Buffalo products have the integration of intelligent monitoring functions, including energy management, manufacturing process management, reliability maintenance and intelligent management, which can help customers manage the production more effectively. Not only reduce the energy consumption, but also increase business profits. Buffalo’s digital intelligent automation solutions help customers with better strategy making and productivity enhancement.


The Way to Digital Intelligent Automation

Buffalo is dedicated to digitalization management. The company has applied with state-of-the-art digital technologies to have its internal processes automated and digitalized.


This includes applications in production management, product lifecycle management, supply chain management, financial management, human resource management, etc.


Through digitalization management, Buffalo Machinery improves the efficiency of internal operations and management, business performance, and provides customers with higher quality products and services.


Integration of Global Network

Buffalo service and support network spans nearly 50 countries, with more than 70 distributors. Its main sales markets are concentrated in Europe and North America.


To further enhance its local presence, Buffalo Machinery has been investing in the integration of local resources, setting up overseas service centers in key regions such as eastern and western Europe, the United States and Canada.


In addition, Buffalo is actively involved in training local sales and service talents, aiming to comprehensively optimize consumer experience.


Buffalo's commitment to sustainability is also evident through its provision of digital intelligent solutions to the global markets, helping customers effectively achieve Net Zero carbon emissions and promote energy saving, carbon reduction, and circular economy initiatives.


Digital Intelligent Management

Buffalo’s self-developed and designed-Smart Machining Technology (SMT™) and Intelligent Monitoring System (ART™), which are patented in the United States and Taiwan, aiming to help customers achieve their environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals.

These technologies employ the concept of agile smart machining, utilizing  monitoring and compensation technology to enhance mechanical reliability. Additionally, the 24/7 real-time monitoring and automatic control, enabling customers to improve production efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and plan predictable maintenance and production schedules. As a result, users can i enhance their machines’ performance and operation more comprehensively.


On the other hand, through this way, users can ensure compliance with Net Zero international standards and regulations for a more sustainable future.


The Global Leading Brand

With its excellent service and management, Buffalo Machinery has been recognized by national awards. The company's innovative and developed machine tool products, intelligent monitoring technology and digital intelligent automation technology have won the 25th& 26th Taiwan SMEs Innovation awards.


Since 2016, the products have also won the Taiwan Excellence Gold Award, Silver Award and Excellence Award and other honors.


In the aspect of business leadership, Buffalo Machinery has received the 6th Outstanding Mittelstand Enterprise and the 7th Outstanding Enterprise of National Industrial Innovation Award.

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