Buffalo Machinery has adopted  a dual-brand marketing strategy with their general product line (MICROCUT) and high-end product line (AXILE). While strengthen the market share of MICROCUT, AXILE is focusing on digitalized intelligent automation to introduce a series of products that comply with Industry 4.0, helping customers move towards intelligent and sustainable manufacturing.


The future of manufacturing depends on digitalized intelligent automation! Buffalo Machinery has developed a series of intelligent manufacturing solutions to help customers achieve their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals.


Smart Machining Technology (SMT™) 

an advanced innovation that integrates monitoring and compensation technology to achieve high-speed machining.


Intelligent Monitoring Technology (ART™)

implements the concept of agile smart machining, using monitoring and compensation technology to ensure machine reliability. With 24/7 real-time monitoring technology, it can enhance production efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and provide predictive maintenance and production management for better operational efficiency.


Our experienced and skilled team provides the best technical advice. Buffalo Machinery always stands by the customers for prompt troubleshooting and providing excellent quality service.


We listen to customers !

TEL : +886-4-25603759

FAX : +886-4-25603769

Email : info@mail.buffalo.com.tw

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