Buffalo Machinery supplies a wide range of products, divided in two brands. MICROCUT, the original brand since 1983, covers most of the product lines and aims to deliver quality machines at competitive prices focusing on the relationship with the dealer and the end-user. AXILE, the high-end brand was launched in 2017, is conceived to cover the premium market of 3X and 5X high-tech machining centers, focusing on technology and performance.


Buffalo Machinery developed a series of applications – Smart Machining Technology, SMT™ to ensure the machine operating with better surface roughness, energy saving and quality assurance. The patented SMT is applied on Buffalo’s high end machines. In addition to the SMT, Buffalo Machinery is developing a new technology - AXILE Reliability Technology, ART™ to enhance the machine reliability and real-time monitoring the machine status. Both SMT and ART adapt Industrie 4.0 technology to ensure the machine operating 24 hours with energy efficiency and high productivity.


As the first Taiwan Excellence service award winner, customer's satisfaction is the driving force of progress for Buffalo Machinery. Remote control service with real-time problem shooting and on-line service within 24 hours response policy always ensure customer's satisfaction.


We listen to customers !

TEL : +886-4-25603759

FAX : +886-4-25603769

Email : info@mail.buffalo.com.tw

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