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The vertical machining center, TC series is characterized by high-speed and superior precision machining. With the design of powerful drivers, moving column and rigid construction, the model is suitable for heavy cuttings with perfect surface roughness. The superior tooling system design features 300mm tool length availability, easy tool loading, servo driver for fast and accuracy tool selection, and extremely large loading capacity. Besides, the TC series is equipped well protected guarding for safety.

 ITEM UNIT Travelling Column Machining Centers
 Modle   TC-1850 TC-2100 TC-3200
 Table size mm 2800x700 2800x700 3500x850
 Max. table load kg 4000 4000 6000
 X axis travel mm 1850 2100 3200
 Y axis travel mm 850 610  
 Z axis travel mm 850 610  
 Spindle taper  ISO ISO 40 ISO 40 ISO 40
 Spindle speed rpm 10000 (ISO 40) 
6000 (ISO 50)
10000 10000 (ISO 40) 
6000 (ISO 50)
 Main motor (conti./30min.) - Fanuc kW 22/30 (BT50)
15 / 18.5 22/30 (BT50)
 X/Y/Z Rapid feed m/min 30/30/30 40/40/40 30/30/30
 Transmission   direct belt direct
 Guideway type   Linear guideway
 ATC  Tool #40: 48
#50: 32
#40: 48T #40-48T
 Machine weight kg



23000 30000


* Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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